I believe that no matter what, there will always be both animated sitcoms and sitcoms with real people. For the future, I can almost guarantee that for every sitcom casted with real people, there will be at least two animated sitcoms that have been running for three or more years already and two more that come out the same year.


I will be referencing both physical and video texts. I will provide links to web pages such as a Mirror article to show where I got my facts as well as links to specific YouTube videos such as a video clip of an episode of the Simpsons titled “Bart to the future” to either show what joke I am referring to, examples of the show I am referencing, or to give some insight as to how sitcoms have changed over the years.


With my writing I hope to affect those that either wish to be in a sitcom one day, wish to write for one, or hope to create their very own show one day.


I want people to perceive me as someone who understands how to truly write a script for a sitcom as well as someone who understands why sitcoms have been changing through the years. I plan to list off sitcoms between the years 1951 and today, showing certain scenes of every other 3rd show or so to give examples between their styling and script as well as explain what was happening during their time periods that would make the writers write the scenes the way they are.


The text will be a blog with approximately  1,000-2,000 words with a lot of links to articles and YouTube clips as well as screen shots of comics/memes that were inspired by sitcoms. I will start out with the answer to the prompt and then by listing off a couple of sitcoms as well as providing a link to a specific YouTube videos to every 3rd show or so. I will look up interviews of sitcom writers for real life actors and animated shows that show why/how they write for their shows, pointing out the differences between them and what their inspiration for the shows were, such as the Simpsons writers wrote the episode for Trump winning way before it actually happened, but why they wrote it was because at that point and time, Trump was one of the most made fun of people in the world so naturally, making an episode that made fun of him would provide great response and in I Love Lucy they showed many times how Lucy would be told she can’t do much because shes a woman and then in some hilarious way she would prove them wrong because at that point and time, women were fighting to be seen as equals. I will finish most likely with a call to action as to why people should create/write for an animated sitcom that both includes an aspect that people can relate to while also making the episodes according to what the major world problems are or whats getting the biggest laugh at that moment in time.


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