I believe that no matter what, there will always be both animated sitcoms and sitcoms with real people. For the future though, I can almost guarantee that for every sitcom casted with real people, there will be at least two animated sitcoms that have been running for three or more years already and two more that come out the same year.

I Love Lucy, Gilligan’s Island, Welcome back, Kotter, Seinfeld, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond, That 70’s show, The Office, Big Bang Theory, Bob’s Burgers, and The Simpsons. These are some of the best sitcoms that come from anywhere between 1951 and today. Some, like the classic I Love Lucy, only ran for three years, while others, like the very well known The Simpsons, have run for 27 years and are still going today.

Personally, my goal in life is to come up with an amazing sitcom idea that people come to love like That 70’s Show

Hyde from That 70’s Show

or Bob’s Burgers.

Image result for bobs burgers quotes
Tina from Bob’s Burgers

Then, one day I hope to be one of the main characters in a sitcom that people watch on a daily bases and complain until the next episode is aired. I’d love to have the opportunity to both be in a show as a real life actress, and a voice actress. Will it happen? I don’t know, but its something I’m aiming for and hopefully one day I’ll reach. Until then, I plan to study comedy writing and performance with a minor in voice acting so I can hopefully one day create something that the world will love. I hope that I can reach out to those who have the same dream as me, or at least a similar dream, and show them a little insight as to why it’d be better to try and write for/create an animated sitcom.

I want people to perceive me as someone who understands how to truly write a script for a sitcom as well as someone who understands why sitcoms have been changing through the years.Through out this blog you will find me making links to videos and websites that show you what I’m talking about or give you a little insight/an example of what I am currently explaining. To give a little insight of the difference between sitcoms scripts then and now and to provide an example of my links (if you haven’t figured them out already), I found a very interesting blog by Laura Turner Garrison. Though her blog was written in 2011 and only discusses sitcoms with real life actors, it still provides interesting information as to why and how sitcoms have changed over the years.

As to why I believe animated sitcoms are safer and over all a better field to get in and will last longer/be more popular in the future, I’m going to use a show we all know as an example: The Simpsons. Since The Simpsons is an animated show, it could literally go on forever because the creators and animators can be replaced and auto tune and voice modifiers can be used to make anyone’s voice sound like Homer or Bart or even Marge. But, shows like Everybody Loves Raymond, Seinfeld, or my personal favorite: Friends had to stop running either because they just lost the people’s interest or because one or more of the actor’s died, went to jail, or got cast in a different show and said “see ya” to the current show they’re in. Some shows are able to work with this and cast a new person who looks somewhat similar to the original cast member and just role with it, such as in That 70’s show when Eric Forman’s sister Laurie, actress Lisa Robin

Image result for new laurie in that 70s show
Lisa Robin as Laurie

, checked herself into a rehab facility and died shortly after. It was sad that we lost such a great Laurie, but the show had to go on so the directors casted Christina Moore

Image result for christina moore as laurie
Christina Moore as Laurie

as the new Laurie. Though she only appeared in a handful of episodes and was later only mentioned throughout the show.

The Simpsons’ writers constantly create episodes that happen in years to come, such as today’s presidential election. They predicted Trump would run and that he would win. They were right both times. How do they do this? Well, in reality the writers never try to predict the future, the reason behind that episode, which is titled “Bart to the Future,” is explained by Dan Greaney in a Mirror article. He explains how he wanted everything to be as bad it could possibly be before Lisa got in office, so he made Trump president because sixteen years ago, he was at the top at the “laugh at it” page. Sitcoms with real people actors can have just as much fun making a mockery of people and situations that go on in the world, such as the new show Fuller House does towards Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

Image result for fuller house quotes about mary kate and ashley
Bob Saget in Fuller House

, but with an animated sitcom you have the ability to create the person in an animated form, such as The Simpsons did with Donald Trump

Image result for simpsons donald trump
Donald Trump in The Simpsons voiced by Dan Castellaneta

and many other celebrities, and find someone who is a close match with voice quality for the character and just add or take away certain aspects with auto tune in order to have a funnier episode.

If you look back on the sitcom timeline, you’ll see that in the beginning they started out as fifteen minute sessions on the radio. They went to T.V. in 1941 and in 1951 brought shows in black and white such as I Love Lucy, and Leave it to Beaver  and continued into the era that brought color to people’s T.V. around 1960. If you look back on the timeline of animation you can see it stretch far back to before there was film. Starting out around 1603 sheets of glass with moving parts where showed on a machined called a “magic Lantern”

Magic lantern
A drawing of a Magic Lantern

and this was considered the first example of projected animation. Animation was around during the silent era and  Walt Disney really prospered around 1928 when his animation of Steam Boat Willy

Image result for steam boat willy
Steam Boat Willy opening screen

was aired as the first cartoon with sound. Of course soon enough his cartoons were thought to be more for kids and then sitcoms on the T.V. grabbed the attention of the adults. While the “cartoons,” or kid sitcoms as I like the call them, kept being made for the eye of children and the occasional adult that loved Yogi Bear and Bugs BunnyImage result for bugs bunny quotes, sitcoms like Gilligan’s Island and Get Smart were airing for Adults and families alike.  That is, until The Simpsons came out in 1987 and was created for the American adult.

Animation was here before sitcoms and slowly built itself and bettered itself along with the sitcom genre. Though when people name off sitcoms now a days, the names are usually of those with real people actors. Even today, according to Ranker.com, the top five sitcoms have people actors with only The Simpsons placing in 3rd. Of course if you scroll down you’ll see shows like Family Guy and South park just below the top 5, slowly making their way up the ranks.


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